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U.S. educated and trained clinical psychologist specializing in multicultural issues, childhood problems (including parenting skills), relationship issues (including gay/lesbian), and mood disorders. Workshops for schools, companies, hospitals, clinics, and universities.

About Dr. Akiko J. Ohnogi

About Dr. Akiko J. Ohnogi

Clinical doctoral degree in psychology.

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 Dr. Ohnogi received her Psy.D. (Doctorate in clinical psychology) at California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego campus, California, after having obtained her BA in psychology at International Christian University in Tokyo, and her MA in clinical psychology at CSPP, San Diego. She has had extensive clinical training in California at Kaiser Permanente Hospital (psychiatric outpatient, ER, chemical dependency unit), Children's Outpatient Psychiatry (psychiatric outpatient for children & adolescents), Loma Portal Hospital (psychiatric inpatient & outpatient for children & adolescents), New Alternatives 16 (psychiatric residential treatment center for adolescents), and South Bay Guidance Center (psychiatric outpatient).
 Dr. Ohnogi has been adjunct faculty at International Christian University psychology graduate school teaching play therapy doctoral and masters psychology graduate students since 2005. She was the head clinical child psychologist at the Institute of Psychoanalytic Systems Psychotherapy in Tokyo, and a psychotherapist at Tokyo English Life Line Counseling Community, before starting private practice in Tokyo. She was also the school counselor at Nishimachi International School in Tokyo, her alma mater. Dr. Ohnogi recently resigned as adjunct faculty mentoring masters thesis students at California School of Professional Psychology Japan campus.
 Dr. Ohnogi has been invited to attending the International Play Therapy Study Group, a mini conference by invitation only, for leading play therapists around the world, run by Dr. Charles Schaefer held in England since 2002. Dr. Ohnogi is co-founder and Board Director of the Japan Association of Play Therapy, founded in 2006.
 Trained working with various age ranges and populations, from parents with infants to geriatrics, Dr. Ohnogi specializes in working with younger children, their families, play therapy, parent education, and multicultural issues. Psychotherapy is conducted in individual, couples, family, or group sessions. She also trains, educates, and supervises psychology graduate students and other mental health professionals in child psychotherapy, play therapy, parent education, child & adolescent development, raising multicultural children, eating disorders, self-mutilation, and psychotherapy, through various lectures and workshops conducted at government run child care centers, prefectural psychiatric hospitals, private junior and high schools, local universities and graduate schools, international schools, churches, conferences, and companies.
 She has supervised mental health workers in Niigata prefecture regarding the earthquake series of Oct. & Nov. 2004, as well as, provided direct psychological assistance to the Sri Lankan child victims of the tsunami in Dec. 2004, through Operation USA and Association for Play Therapy USA. Dr. Ohnogi was invited to present on play therapy and trauma at the 7th International Congress of Psychic Trauma and Traumatic Stress, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2007.
 Dr. Ohnogi also conducts various workshops and seminars on stress management, emotional literacy, parenting skills, relationships, etc., at companies, educational institutions, and conferences
 Dr. Ohnogi is fluently bilingual and bicultural, having been brought up, as well as, lived as an adult, in both the US and Japan.


  • International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ) Board Member
  • Japan Association for Play Therapy (JAPT) Co-founder and Board Director
  • Nana's Children Mental Health Foundation, Board Advisor


  • American Psychological Association (APA) full fledged member.
  • Association for Play Therapy (APT) clinical member
  • International Association for Dynamic Psychotherapy (IADP) clinical member
  • International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ) Board Member
  • Japan Association for Play Therapy (JAPT) Co-founder and Association Director


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